How to reset your password in Moodle

If your Moodle password has expired or you have forgotten your password and would like to reset it, please click on the "Forgotten Password" button located on the login area on the right hand side of the Moodle home screen at


You will then be prompted to enter your username (student number without the W for students) and an email will be sent to the email address stored in your profile area in Moodle. You must be able to access the email account associated with your account in Moodle. By default, this is the email you provided at registration unless you have changed it in your profile area in Moodle. Please follow the steps set out in the email to reset your password. You can also watch this short tutorial about the reset process.

  1. Be sure to copy and paste the new password you receive from your reset email to ensure it is entered correctly including symbols and capitals.
  2. If the new password does not work it could mean that your account is locked, due to several incorrect attempts.  The account will be automatically unlocked after 1 hour. Please try to log in again after this time has elapsed. 
  3. If the new password is still not working it means that your student account has expired and needs to be reset by the Computer Services department at 051-845524 or