CTEL Professional Development

Take the next step in integrating technology in your teaching.

Our workshops are practical in their nature and are aimed at showcasing good practice providing participants an opportunity to discuss relevant issues in the integration of technology in Higher Education. Workshops cover a range of technologies essential in sharing learning resources; communicating and collaborating with your students; facilitating assessment and feedback; and improving student writing. These workshops are delivered on-campus and online.

Moodle Gradebook

This is the final workshop of a series of workshops looking at the various activities, tools and resources available in Moodle. This workshop examines the Moodle Gradebook and provides examples of how it can be used within your module to streamline the administration of assessment and marking and to provide feedback to your students.

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Moodle Assessment

A guide to using Moodle to support and enhance your module assessment with a walkthrough of the various assessment options within Moodle and how they can be used to assess your students.

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Moodle H5P

Moodle H5P is a two-hour workshop on the Moodle H5P plugin. H5P (https://h5p.org/) makes it easy to create, share and reuse HTML5 content and applications. H5P empowers everyone to create rich and interactive web experiences more efficiently. The Moodle H5P plugin adds an extra 39 content types to Moodle some of which give you new ways to display content and others that provide interactive content and activities. This workshop introduces the Moodle H5P plugin, showcases some examples of H5P content and guides you through the creation of H5P resources for your own module.

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Moodle Media

A two-hour workshop on adding and using multimedia within your Moodle module. Recording and editing audio and video using the new built-in recording functionality as well as adding existing audio, video and graphic images either as a file resource or as an embedded resource. This workshop will also look at how to add a course image and how to add images to each of your module sections.

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Moodle 101

Moodle 101 serves as a general introduction to Moodle with a particular emphasis on the new features in Moodle 3.5. This is the latest version of Moodle that was introduced over the Summer. The two-hour workshop will also give some practical tips on managing you Moodle module and how to add and display content, how to set and manage assessments and how to make your module more visually appealing.

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TEL MITA – Adding to your teaching and learning toolkit

Engaging Students’ Multiple Intelligences using Technology Enhanced Learning: We all know the challenges of engaging students so why not play to their strengths and increase their attention and focus? This session will introduce a multiple intelligences teaching approach and how it can be applied in the learning environment using practical examples and applications.

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