Turnitin Plagiarism Declaration


Turnitin is a third party assignment type that we have in use in our instance of Moodle. Turnitin will accept text-based submissions from students and after students submit their work they will receive a similarity report indicating the degree of similarity between the submitted file and those other sources. 

Before the Student submits

Each time a student makes a submission to a Turnitin activity either in your module or in another module for another lecturer they will have to accept a plagiarism declaration, they will not be able to proceed unless they accept this declaration.

Note: this declaration is used across all disciplines in WIT and is also available to use with normal Moodle as well as Turnitin Assignment types.

The current Declaration

"By checking this box, I certify that this assignment is all my own work and contains no Plagiarism. By submitting this assignment, I agree to the following terms: 
Any text, diagrams or other material copied from other sources (including, but not limited to, books, journals and the internet) have been clearly acknowledged and referenced as such in the text by the use of ‘quotation marks’ (or indented italics for longer quotations) followed by the author’s name and date [eg (Byrne, 2008)] either in the text or in a footnote/endnote. These details are then confirmed by a fuller reference in the bibliography. 
I have read the sections on referencing and plagiarism in the handbook or in the WIT Plagiarism policy and I understand that only assignments which are free of plagiarism will be awarded marks. I further understand that WIT has a plagiarism policy which can lead to the suspension or permanent expulsion of students in serious cases. (WIT, 2008)."

Note: we strongly recommend you read this post before you create a Turnitin Assignment type.