I am new to Moodle. Where can I get training with Moodle?

There are a number of specific workshops and resources available.  Based on feedback from staff members, we have revised our training and associated support resources and now offer a range of follow-on workshops tailored for different levels of Moodle users, from beginner to advanced and for academic and administrative staff. 

Check out our list of workshops on the Moodle training website.  We offer a series of one-to-one workshops, drop-in sessions, or group workshops tailored to different types of users.  Please e-mail the helpdesk at moodle@wit.ie or call 051-834114 or call to the helpdesk in Room FTG29 in the Flexible Teaching Building on the WIT Main Campus if you have any questions at all.

Alternatively, you can browse our Introductory Manual designed for lecturers getting started with Moodle.