How can I add a URL to my module?

Adding a URL to your module encourages students to visit webpages that are of interest and relevant to the module's learning outcomes.

Adding the activity

From the the “Add an activity or resource” link choose the URL option.

Adding the URL

In the “Adding a new URL” screen that follows, give your URL a name and a description. Tick the box to "Display description on module page" and enter the URL for the webpage that you would like students to visit in the External URL field.

Defining how the webpage is displayed to students

In the same screen you can change the settings so the webpage is displayed in a pop up window. This prevents students from navigating away from your module page.

Saving the URL

Finally click on "Save and return to module" at the end of the page. This is what students will see when they next log in to your module in Moodle: