Can I easily import content between modules?

Lecturers can import resources between the modules they are assigned to within Moodle. For example, if you are reusing case studies for a new academic year, these can be copied from a previous years module into the current one. It is important to note that to import between modules, you must be assigned as an editing lecturer on both modules.

Please follow the instructions below. The support staff at the WIT Centre for Technology-Enhanced Learning (CTEL) are on hand if you require assistance to complete this task. 

Open this year's module

This will be the empty module that you are importing your teaching resources into. Open the administration drop down menu in the right hand corner of your selected module. Click on the Import menu item to begin the import process.

Find the module to import from

The source module contains the resources and content you wish to import into this year's module. You can now search for the module using either its title or CRN number in the search box provided. Select the correct module by clicking on the radio button as highligthed in the image below:

Proceed to the next step by clicking on the Continue button.

Choose the resources to import

To import all resources simply click on the Jump to final step button.

Alternatively, you click on the Next button to deselect certain resources from the import. The 'Schema settings' step allows us to choose which resources we will import into our new module. The default is to import all resources from the source module. If you wish to exclude certain resources, you can uncheck the box next to the resource name. Only resources that are checked will be imported. If you wish to exclude an entire topi (or week depending on the layout format for the source topic), uncheck the box next to the topics title. Click on the 'Next' button to proceed.

Perform the import

You will be presented with a confirmation of your resource selection. If there are any omissions, you can return to the previous step and review your module resource selection. Otherwise, click 'Perform import' to proceed with the


Once the import is complete, you should be presented with a confirmation message. Click 'Continue' to return to your newly populated module.

Please email, phone 051-834114 or call to the helpdesk in FTG29 in the Flexible Teaching Building on the main campus.