Student Support Topics

Who is my data shared with?

In order to provide access to the plagiarism checking service provided by, we may share your basic profile information with Turnitin Ltd. The data protection officer for Turnitin may be contacted at The privacy policy for Turnitin is available at

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Moodle Changes Summer 2019

This Summer we have applied some minor updates to Moodle. Most of these changes are evident on your dashboard. A short tour will start when you log in for the first time this semester to highlight these upgraded features. These changes are based on feedback from lecturers and students looking for new ways to filter their module lists and select favourite/starred modules. We welcome any further feedback you may have at

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What can Moodle do for me?

WIT lecturers can use Moodle to complement and enhance face-to-face lectures by providing a central online location to access the learning resources and associated activities.  It can be used to supplement direct class instruction and/or provide self-paced, interactive online learning opportunities.

School offices and their associated administrative staff also use Moodle to share information and resources relevant to their students and staff members.

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