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Moodle Groups

Moodle Groups are useful when you are either sharing a module with a colleague and you only want your student to view your content, in this case, you could place a restriction on a section, or you want different student groups to take activities at different times or dates, this can be useful with Moodle Quiz or Assignments.

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Moodle Access Roles

All WIT staff and fully registered students can access Moodle.  Both full time and part-time students can access Moodle provided that they are fully registered.

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How do I get lecturer access to a module in Moodle?

Initially, you will be assigned to the modules in Moodle that you are timetabled on as per the timetabling system information one week prior to the start of each semester.

After this date, the Moodle team will be individually updating a lecturer’s allocation only when requested to do so to reflect changes to timetables.  On average a new module can be set up in Moodle within one working day of the request being received.

Please send an email to to request editing rights to any module you need access to quoting the relevant CRN number.  If there are already lecturers assigned to the module in question and they have content in place, we will need to contact them to get permission to add you to this module.

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