Sony Demonstration Day

This Thursday, September 19th, CTEL are hosting Sony for a demonstration of their new Active Learning technology solutions for classrooms and whiteboard text extraction tool for online/blended learning.

Vision Exchange creates an immersive environment for lecturers, students and colleagues to learn, collaborate and brainstorm ideas. Cost-effective, easy to configure and intuitive for any user, this total active learning solution is ideal for active learning across almost all disciplines.

Edge Analytics Appliance creates impactful video presentation content which previously would have required significant time, expense and human resource to produce. With Artificial Intelligence-led technology, the REA-C1000 vastly improves the quality of communication by empowering the presenter to deliver content and to engage their audience like never before.

These technologies will be available for demonstrations any time that suits you between 11am and 3pm in Room A02 on the Main Campus.